About Myself


Gourav Ojha

Look for the magic in every moment.


I am Gourav Ojha,

A photographer, and cinematographer based in Mumbai and Udaipur. Before getting into photography, I used to edit pictures, which is called "matte painting", as one of my hobbies. Later, my interest shifted to still photography, and I started to capture everyday life in Mumbai with my basic phone. I met new people every day, talked to them, and started to capture their life stories, ups and downs, and their moments. Finally, in November 2019, I bought my first professional camera, a Sony, and started my journey with it. I practiced a lot on the streets of Mumbai. A few months later, in March 2020, when COVID arrived, my street photography practice came to a halt. During the COVID quarantine, I utilized my time by doing food styling, product shoots, creative image editing, film stills, video editing, and creating other content. You can see some of these visuals on this website. My life goal is to meet people from all over the world and share their lifestyles, emotions, and perspectives with you through my photography. I am always available for all kinds of photography and cinematography.